CRSSP Imagery-Derived Requirements (CIDR) Tool
December 12, 2013: Release 4.3.3
  • Added additional administrative reporting
November 14, 2013: Release 4.3.2
  • Project Description now required
October 21, 2013: Release 4.3.1
  • New Google Maps License
October 1, 2013: Release 4.3
  • All previous requirements archived
  • Changes to requirement entry form
  • Guest Access no longer allowed
  • Incompete Requirements no longer supported
  • Search Functionality moved to EarthExplorer
  • Integrated with EarthExplorer Standing Request/Subscription System
  • Server-Side and Data Management Updates
  • GDAL Integration for Exports
November 13, 2012: Release 4.2.5
  • Added "Data Notification" request type
October 1, 2012: Release 4.2.4
  • USGS Profile Integration for expired profiles
May 31, 2012: Release 4.2.3.x
  • Integrated EarthExplorer notification system
  • Minor bug fixes
December 7, 2011: Release 4.2.3
  • Administration Enhancements
November 10, 2011: Release 4.2.2
  • Data Format Field Added
  • Licensing Comment Field Added
January 12, 2011: Release 4.2.1
  • Updated User Guide
  • Nextview licensing
December 13, 2010: Release 4.2.0
  • KML Inputs now allowed
  • Integrated with the New Earth Explorer multi-role user service.
  • Converted javascript to jQuery.
  • Added calender date selectors to date fields.
  • Refactored search functionality for efficiency.
  • Minor Layout Changes.
  • Search filter now saved in session.
  • Fixed several Internet Explorer bugs.
  • Security Patches
  • Administraive Reporting Tool
May 20, 2010: Release 4.1
  • Added Emergency Response functionality.
  • Patche for requirement copy/forward functionality.
December 1, 2009: Release 4.0
  • Complete user interface refactor.
  • Reconfiguration/Structuring of application.
  • Requirement is broken into four steps.
  • Actual data can be expressed as multiple pieces of data.
  • Google map integration.
  • Advanced display of requested and actual data.
  • Realtime searching and filtering of data.
  • Login module updated to use new services.
  • Secutiry patches.
July 1, 2009: Release 3.13
  • Actuals Validation.
  • Ability to use current or oringal shapefiles.
  • Secuirty patches.
  • Requirement fulfillment tracking/history.
  • Backend modularization.
  • Enhanced searching ability.
    • Requirement Fulfillment
    • Spatial Resolution
    • Target Imagery Dates
    • Licensing Restriction
  • Other minor various bug fixes.
May 29, 2009: Release 3.12
  • Applied security patches.
August 1, 2007: Release 3.11
  • A new required field, 'Requirement Type', has been added to identify whether the requirement is a Data Request or Planned Data Acquisition.
  • The Geospatial One Stop (GOS) XML was modified to include the appropriate requirement type for the status progress field. This ensures the CIDR requirements are accurately represented in the GOS system as either a data need or planned acquisition.
  • The Platform Preference list has been updated.
  • A bug with saving shapefiles has been resolved.
  • Other minor various tool enhancements and minor bug fixes.
November 26, 2006: Release 3.1
  • Significant updates have been made to the requirement input form to make it more user-friendly and to ensure we are collecting valuable information about the data requirements in order to improve our analysis capabilities.
  • A help guide for the requirement input form has been created. It is linked to in multiple places off the requirement definition page.
  • Created capability for GOS to harvest the CIDR requirements flagged to allow this further publication of the data need.
  • Added 'All Years' to year selection list on homepage. This allows users to work with agency requirements across years in a single session.
  • Added a link to the login service profile management page.
  • Other minor various tool enhancements and minor bug fixes.
July 25, 2006: Release 3.0
  • Modified the AOI input method on the requirement form. The user must now provide either a shapefile or define a bounding box on an interactive map of their AOI for the data needed.
  • Automated portions of the validation process.
  • Added an additional parameter on the Spatial Query page. The user can now further refine their search by fiscal year. This is the first additional search criteria of a number that are planned.
  • Extended years supported by the tool through fiscal year 2011.
  • Updated which columns are shown on the View Requirements table listing to make that more useful for quick research of requirements for potential partnerships.
  • Added new item to requirement definition form to request users to let us know if we can make their requirement available for harvesting to send to Geospatial One Stop (GOS).
  • Added a link to EarthExplorer (EE) to allow users of CIDR to quickly get to the tool to access the library of existing data available for distribution.
  • Other minor various tool enhancements and minor bug fixes.
February 22, 2006: Release 2.1
  • Reworked and completed the shapefile export capability. Users may now export an aggregate shapefile of the QC requirements returned by a spatial AOI query. Users are given the option to export the AOIs of all or only selected requirements returned by their query.
  • The focus of this release was on source code maintenance. The bulk of the changes are not visible to the end-user. The non-visible improvements include security enhancements, modularization, code restructuring, etc.
  • Other minor various tool enhancements and minor bug fixes.
October 27, 2005: Release 2.0
  • The login/registration functionality of the CIDR tool was replaced by utilizing the USGS login/registration web service. Since EarthExplorer (EE) also uses this login service, this means users can now access both the CIDR tool and the EE system with the same login name and password. This reduces the login profiles required by the USGS Commercial Project's tools to a single profile.
  • Added visual display on a world reference map of AOIs for requirements returned by spatial queries. Zooming and panning capabilities are provided.
  • Further enhanced analysis capabilities by adding options to export aggregate shapefiles of all or selected requirements returned by spatial queries. NOTE: Testing of this functionality revealed a critical bug. The release was executed with this capability disabled temporarily. The export links will be activated when the bug(s) have been resolved.
  • Verified and improved the tool to be fully functional in MS Internet Explorer 5.5+.
  • Added a new field to values collected with a requirement - the requirement's mission priority.
  • Reformatted the website look and style.
  • Enhanced the Record Actuals feature to allow users to provide a shapefile to define the actual extent of the data they received.
  • Added paging capability for the View Requirements page so as not to be overwhelming with lists containing potentially hundreds of requirements. The paging can be turned off as well, if the user desires.
  • Deleted requirements are now temporarily stored and only completely removed from the system by an administrator. This also means requirements may potentially be restored as well. Please contact if you have accidentally or otherwise deleted a requirement and would like it restored. Please provide the requirement's ID number, if possible.
  • Various tool enhancements and minor bug fixes.
May 24, 2005: Release 1.2
  • AOI geographic query input has been enhanced from four text input boxes to be a graphical map interface that the user can point and click to draw a rubber-band selection box around their area of interest. This new interface also gives options to zoom to state and international boundaries quickly and still allows the manual input option we provided previously. Note: Older versions of Java Runtime Environement do not communicate properly all the time with the various browser versions. In most cases, upgrading to the most recent versions of Java (version 1.5.0_03 is known to work) and your web browsers should fix these plug-in/application communications issues. The AOI geographic query tool works best in the following browsers, using JRE 1.5.0_03: Internet Explorer 6.0.28, Netscape 7.1, Firefox 1.0.4 and Mozilla 1.4.4.
  • Updated the AOI query tool to only include QC'd requirements in the returned requirements list. Going forward any general queries/reports other than requirement definitions will only include QC'd requirements.
  • Updated the requirement's Edit mode to reset the status of the requirement to Pending if a non-admin user modifies a requirement that had previously been QC'd. This will cause the requirement to drop out of any queries/reports that it previously was viewable in until USGS staff reviews the modifications and re-QC's the requirement.
  • Added a What's New page to highlight major changes for each release.
  • Updated the code to adhere to new DOI security mandates. These updates included adding validation of all user inputs to check for proper formats and disallowed characters (Note: The semicolon is now disallowed, but was found in many previous inputs - they have been removed from those inputs by the QC staff in most cases).
  • Made the shapefiles a link on the detailed view requirement page so they can be exported directly from that page rather than needing to go into Edit mode to get access to them.
  • Added some descriptive text on the Login page about the CRSSP project and the CIDR tool.
  • Made some visual improvements to the design of the site (navigation links, colors, etc.).